Pelican Self Storage

Sponsored by Pelican Self Storage Many of us know the feeling about taking the big step to move out. Many people think that when you make the decision to move out then you just move, but it is not that easy. Moving out is a big step you take and there are many considerations you should make both during the move and after during the move. The most important part towards life as a foreigner is to make a number of necessary financial considerations. You have to start saving money long before you move out so you can be prepared. Otherwise you need to make a plan about how you can make the things easier and quicker for yourself. And of...

Happy Second Birthday

And just like that she is already two years old. My niece Selena had the best day ever at her second birthday party and she picked the ?Unicorn Thema? herself. She loved seeing her family and playing with her little friends and dance all day. She really was the happiest little girl all day. And just like the others babies out there, Selena may not yet understand what the celebration is about, but she was so happy for all the attention and gifts she got. My sister always want to make beautiful and wonderful memories for Selena to look back when she grow up.I loved everything about the setup and my sisters and I had so much fun creating it...

Black X Rose 

I would love to hear your opinion on what you want to see more from me? Everyone’s opinion matters to me and I would love to hear from you sweeties. Thank you being a part of my journey. We have been together in this for almost three years. I appreciate you all. Remember to leave a comment below of what you want to read and see more about. 

My personal webshop

Hello guys. It’s crazy to think about, that it’s almost a year ago I got to start my own webshop at zircles. For you guys who still doesn’t know. Zircles is a Danish new online concept that provides bloggers, YouTubers, reality starts and just normal interesting social media accounts to open their own webshop and sell products with big brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Chanel, Saint tropez, Kjær Copenhagen, Newline and much more to their network. You are also allowed to design your own personal webshop without necessarily having to have knowledge about technology accounting. I just updated my webshop with new brand and pictures of me with some of the clothes I sell. Check my webshop Here