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Quaratine thougts

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If you ask me, I’m loving this quarantine. I mean just sitting there and heal. I really needed time like this where I can be home all day with my family. I as many other students also have online classes. How cool is it to wake up and join class while you are laying in bed wearing your pyjamas. I haven’t been dressed up for a while, but to be honest I miss my friends. The good think is that the world is slowly begun to open and that’s a good sign. Summer travelling? What about that? I as many others hope that we will be able to travel during the summer. After the exams we need a place to relax, have fun and enjoy life. So, I’m already doing the summer shopping – I mean if we will not be able to travel this year then it is fine for me to spend the summer in Denmark with my family and friends.

About Hunkemöller: The Brand create women wear to all sizes. They have different types of lingerie as well as swimwear, nightwear, sportswear and socks. The prices are really good compared to the medical quality. 

And what is summer without a perfect swimsuit. If you ask me, I’m more like a swimsuit girl than bikini. I don’t know why, but I really hate showing my belly bottom. For me I’m more comfortable in a swimsuit. I had been looking for the perfect swimsuit from Hunkemöller this summer. I have a couple swimsuit from Hunkemöller and they just give me this gorgeous summer look. 

Swimsuits & Swimwear

I also did a search for bikinis, whenever my vacation going to be in Denmark or outside the country. At Hunkemöller their bikinis is in high quality that both look good and have a good fit. I love that they have bikini in all sizes, as for women with larger bust and women with small busts. And they also have bikinis to women with small and big breast. You can get the bikinis as kit, with bikini top and much more. 


For me the summer is so challenging. The bras are killing me. Every Summer I have to find the perfect bra for the weather. It’s so hot and sweaty and you just go out and feel dirty. Don’t you also struggle to find the perfect bra during the summer season. I mean just finding the perfect bra you can wear under your summer dress and feel comfortable. The big challenging for me is to find a bra that is flexible and works with every outfit I’m wearing. You can buy bras many places, but for me I always end up buying my bras from Hunkemöller. At Hunkemöller you will find the wide selection of bras to suit every situation. They have classic bra for extra support and firmness, they have push up bras, T-shirts bras, front closure bras, minimizer bras, breastfeeding bras and much more.


Panties in summer is also a bit challenging. It gets hot and you sweat, and it feels so uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right panties. At Hünkemöller they have panties in different models such as hipsters, G-strings, basic panties and much more. For me they perfectly fit with every outfits I wear.


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