Cphfw X Boozt

The Cphfw X Boozt was the biggest fashion show ever in the Copenhagen fashion week history with over thousands of people. I loved the fact that the show wasn’t only for us (Bloggers) or influencers and big names in the fashion industry. The show was for everyone that put their heart into fashion and everyone could attend.  I got to the show straight from work so I couldn’t be backstage from the beginning. I couldn’t even dress fashionable because I didn’t have time to go home dress and come back. Otherwise I ended having a great time there and I enjoyed every show. They did three shows with different themes and styles:

Show one: The first show was called Insomnia”. This show was so insane and amazing to experience with style and looks from the 60s. Show two: The second show was called “Girls on video”. This show was a totally success. The music and everything went out so great. Show three: The third and last show was called “Poetry club”. This was my favorite show the styles was inspired from the 70s and the models was styled as nerds. I loved everything about the vintages styles. Both the make up and styles were insane.  Cphfw X Boozt isn’t only a runway show. It’s a show with musical performances from very talented danish artists such as Skinz, Medina, Soon and Soleima. Every artist performed 2-3 songs and the show turned into a party which I really enjoyed. 

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