Ocean bloom

Sponsored by Hunkemöller This is the swimsuit that I am obsessed with this season it quickly became my fave. I literally wore it whenever I was on the beach or pool. I’ve received so many compliments on beach both here in Denmark and Turkey. People told me that that this deeply blue color suits me because of my dark skin, yes I got tan.   I actually always prefer swimsuits more than bikinis, especially because I do not like to show much of my body and swimsuits makes me feel comfortable.  So far this swimsuit was super comfortable to wear and swim in and i totally felt myself in it. There are so many pretty swimsuits this season on Hunkemöller...

The shirtdress

I love everything about this dress and it is amazing for the season you can wear it in both summer, autumn and spring. This dress can be styled in many ways. You can choose to wear it with a pair of sneakers or heels and it goes with dinner and party. Get the look  Dress: Here Heels: Here 

Kawasaki footwear

Sponsored by Kawasaki footwear Do you remember the Kawasaki shoes? Those shoes were part of my childhood. Well if you told me back in the 00’s that I will be working with the Kawasaki company in the future, then I wouldn’t believe you. Those shoes were my whole life a d I loved everything about them and I still do. They bring so much memories into my life. The danish Kawasaki shoe was a true classic in the 80’s it was a must in the dance floor, in 00’s it was the highest street fashion wear and here we are again with the popular shoe.About Kawasaki footwear: The Kawasaki shoe were created by two danish badminton players in the Erwin...

Comfy streetwear

Get the look Cap: Kawasaki limited edition/Gifted Heels: Here T-shirt: Here