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Are you looking for beautiful quality tablecloths, which are absolutely an accessory for your dining table.Then these fine tablecloths are made just for you. Do you want cozy decorations for the table? Then the Fogstrup tablecloths are just what you are looking for. Fogstrup create a cozy decoration for all occasions. There are many possibilities when we talk about table napkins, for example, I have chosen the color cognac that best suit my living room. In Fogstrup series of tablecloths you will find 2 models in 2 colors. When you buy a tablecloths or anything from Fogstrup you are guaranteed quality, delicious Danish produced craftsmanship, where details are thought of. Their covers are made of semianiline leather, which can withstand daily use and wiping without losing its color or being susceptible to grease stains. Im so happy for mine and they look great in the living room. About Fogsgrup: By Fogsgrup are a small family-owned company, which delivers Danish quality design to all types of customers. Their products are made of delicious aniline or semianiline leather, where the properties of the leather are emphasized. Every Profis of leather they make can be used for anything else in the home than furniture, which is reflected in their product lines. Each piece of leather is selected for their products with quality and purpose in mind. Their workshop is located in Denmark a place called Herlev, where auto saddler Marc Fogstrup is in charge of a small exclusive team that processes whole pieces of skins for the customers. 

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