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Goodiebox – Sunny Side Up

Sponsored by Goodiebox

The June Goodiebox has landed. The theme of this month box is “Sunny Side Up”. The products for this month box is nice products just to put in your suitcase if you need to travel and they are perfect for a beach or pool trip. The box offers good foundations for a good and warm summer day, with lots of cooling products. About goodiebox: If you haven’t heard about goodiebox they offers monthly curated beauty boxes in subscription. The boxes are reasonably priced and contain mostly full-size products from known brands. Although Goodiebox is a subscription system, they have no binding, which means that you can choose to stop your subscription at any time. The boxes arrive in the latter part of the month. By signing up for Goodiebox you will receive a stunning Goodie box with at least 5 beauty products every month. The products are selected from the most popular, innovative, trend-creating brands in makeup, skincare, hair care and scents. The value of the products received will always be greater than the price you pay for your box. June Goodiebox (Sunny Side Up) includes:

Seacret (Make-up remover wipes): Removes waterproof makeup and at the same time enriches the skin with aloe vera, vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals. Easy to bring anywhere. Smells delicious and refreshing to get on the skin. Masque me up (Aftersun sheet mask): An aftersun sheet mask that cools, provides moisture and has anti-aging from coconut and a soothing effect from watermelon extract. The mask should be on your face for 10-15 minutes, and if you want an extra cooling effect, you can throw it in the refrigerator before use. Garnier Ambre Solaire (Sensitive Advanced face Mist SPF 50): With spray function and an SPF of 50, it becomes easy to stay safe in the sun and it can also be applied over makeup. I’ve never had a face mist with solar factor, but this is so good to use. Rituals (Foot balm): With the Rituals foot cream, you get pampering with mint and shea butter fuses. Polaar(Ice Source moisturizing gel): A moisturizing gel that has glacial water in it. The cooling effect moisturizes and nourishes with a velvety effect and also works perfectly as a base under your makeup – without melting in the heat. 

Join today and receive your first box here: Here

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By Fogstrup

Sponsored by Fogstrup

Are you looking for beautiful quality tablecloths, which are absolutely an accessory for your dining table.Then these fine tablecloths are made just for you. Do you want cozy decorations for the table? Then the Fogstrup tablecloths are just what you are looking for. Fogstrup create a cozy decoration for all occasions. There are many possibilities when we talk about table napkins, for example, I have chosen the color cognac that best suit my living room. In Fogstrup series of tablecloths you will find 2 models in 2 colors. When you buy a tablecloths or anything from Fogstrup you are guaranteed quality, delicious Danish produced craftsmanship, where details are thought of. Their covers are made of semianiline leather, which can withstand daily use and wiping without losing its color or being susceptible to grease stains. Im so happy for mine and they look great in the living room. About Fogsgrup: By Fogsgrup are a small family-owned company, which delivers Danish quality design to all types of customers. Their products are made of delicious aniline or semianiline leather, where the properties of the leather are emphasized. Every Profis of leather they make can be used for anything else in the home than furniture, which is reflected in their product lines. Each piece of leather is selected for their products with quality and purpose in mind. Their workshop is located in Denmark a place called Herlev, where auto saddler Marc Fogstrup is in charge of a small exclusive team that processes whole pieces of skins for the customers. 

 Get yours: Here

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