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Klingenberg Cheese

Sponsored by Klingenberg Cheese 

Klingenberg Cheese & Delicatessen is a specialty shop focusing on cheese, tapas, specialties and delicacies. They have subscription packages that come in three different sizes. All packages contain 4, 6 or 8 cheeses and a good cheese accessories (jam, fig or similar). 

  • Small: Includes 4 cheeses, 379 DKK
  • Medium: includes 6 cheeses, 479 DKK
  • Large: includes 8 cheeses, 545 DKK

I have chosen the small one and it taste so delicious. The small package includes: 

Little Tanghus: This cheese is a kit-matured, organic white mold cheese. The cheese has a nice taste of fat cream and white mold. Small Tanghus is produced at Osteriet Hinge north of Slikeborg and only in few copies at a time.

The commandant: The comendant is a Danish cheese with “southern European accent”. The cheese is a solid cheese and is always at least 25 weeks old. The cheese is slowly matured to bring out the fine development and the lovely nutmeg flavor.

Pecorino with pepper: Pecorino is made from sheep’s milk and is an Italian’s oldest cheese. Pecorino has a slightly strong, spicy flavor and can be used as a snack as well as for cooking.

Queen Victoria: Queen victoria is a danish cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a slightly dry consistency and contains salt crystals. The taste is sweet and salty.

My family and I tasted their “small package” and all the cheese was delicious and we loved their good ideas and concept. They deliver delicious cheeses and other delicacies right to your door.

Get yours here: Here


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Goodiebox – On The Go

Sponsored by Goodiebox 

The May Goodiebox has landed. I really have become a kind of dependent on the Goodie box. I look forward to receiving it and looking at new products and exploring myself with new products. The theme of this month box is “On The Go”. The products for this month box is beautiful cases contains a lot of travel sizes that are perfect for holidays. The products will definitely be included in the suitcase this summer. About goodiebox: If you haven’t heard about goodiebox they offers monthly curated beauty boxes in subscription. The boxes are reasonably priced and contain mostly full-size products from known brands. Although Goodiebox is a subscription system, they have no binding, which means that you can choose to stop your subscription at any time. The boxes arrive in the latter part of the month. By signing up for Goodiebox you will receive a stunning Goodie box with at least 5 beauty products every month. The products are selected from the most popular, innovative, trend-creating brands in makeup, skincare, hair care and scents. The value of the products received will always be greater than the price you pay for your box. May Goodiebox (On The Go) includes:

Gosh (Giant Blush): Is a blush on stick that turns from cream to powder when applied. Looks natural on the skin and gives a beautiful color. Nire (Kabuki Brush): Foundation and powder brush. Easy to use on the skin and makes it shine. Beaver (Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo): Is a fragrant shampoo with argan oil from Morocco. Cleans the hair thoroughly and gives a perfect look. Goodiebox (Toothbrush): A perfect toothbrush that make correct brushing easy and gentle on your gums. Lavinde (Refreshing Eye Make-up Remover): Makeup remover to the eyes containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5. Balance Me (Natural production moisturiser SPF 25): Is a cream that both moisturizes and protects with sun factor. Goodiebox (Zip Bag): Make up bag for the products. ModelCo (Matte Baked Bronzer): This bronzer has a matte finish that makes it more natural to wear and I like it. I use bronzer almost daily, so this one is actually a must. 

 Join today and receive your first box: Here

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