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If you care about your hair you need to try products from IdHair. IdHair have some really good products when it comes to hair. I have tried the moisture styling series and the styling blow. Moisture styling: The Moisture hair series dehydrates the hair, makes it stronger and easier to filter out. Moisture Shampoo: Moisturizing shampoo that moisturizes the hair so it gets stronger. The hair is left soft, clear and without frizz. Contains vegetable herb milk that uses the hair in depth.

How to use: For daily use. Apply in damp hair, foam up and rinse the hair.Moisture Conditioner: Conditioner for hair that requires extra moisture. Contains shea butter and vegetable milk so the hair becomes moist and remains well-groomed for a long time. The hair is smoothed, glossy and easy to style.

How to use: For daily use. Apply in lengths and tips in damp hair, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse the hair.

Moisture Leave-in Conditioning: A beautiful moisturizing leave-in conditioner that contains coconut oil, which ensures that the hair moisturizes and feels silky. Contains vegetable herb milk and substances that add shine and soothe the hair as well as moisturizing panthenol.

How to use: Apply in lengths and tips in damp hair. Do not flush out.Styling blow: I have natural curly hair but sometimes you have to treat your Curls right. Make your way to cool hair with these pre-styling products.Curl creator: A light spray that makes your curls defined, elastic and glossy. Makes the curls natural to touch.

How to use: Can be used in both dry and damp hair to emphasize your curls and reduce frizz.Curl definer: An effective leave-in cream that defines and cleans your curls. Make curly hair glossy and sparse.

How to use: Use on dry or damp hair.

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