I love spending time with my family. I mean finally it?s that time of the year to get away for it all. Away from school, work and your phone. Vacation is a great opportunity to experience new things in life. Ever since I was a kid I always loved the adventures of travel. The feeling of something different and something new and as an adult I still feel the same. I learned a lot on this vacation and I just learn so much while traveling. I get closer to my family, learn new people, get to learn new language etc. Traveling for me is very important and a challenge by itself.

Family beach day

I’m so extremely thankful for my beautiful family. There’s no better way to spend quality time with the family than going to the beach. We had so much fun and we enjoyed talking about great memories. My sister and little brother had my dad driving like two hours around to find this Flamingo. But the pictures ended up pretty great. This flamingo is like the hit this year you see it everywhere. Also we enjoyed drinking our virgin mojito and relaxing on the beach.

Discovering Marbella

My family and I had a wonderful time in Marbella. Lately all the danish people have been in Marbella this year. Marbella region is very popular now in many countries. There are so many visitors and nationalities. Marbella is the most luxurious resort on the Costa del sol. You can enjoy everything from beaches, food, wonderful places, architecture and nightlife moments.

Malaga at night

The best thing in Malaga was walking at night and find a spontaneous restaurant to eat in. Malaga is a very safe place to walk in at night and people of all ages are out and about. I love to walk at night, I mean everything is so different at night it?s all calm and relaxing. Late night walks is the perfect time to clean your mind.

Monte Calamorro

My family and I had so much fun standing 780 meters high of the top of mountain Calamorro and looking at the beautiful town of Benalmádena. We took a teleferik from Benalmádena to the peak of Mount Calamorro.

Mijas the white town

I visited the adorable town of Mijas. A town in the heart of the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. The town is full of white villages.It?s on the hill so the view is amazing and you can also see the sea. If I could live in a village up in the mountains, I would totally say yes.The streets of Mijas are very tourist friendly, and are full of independent shops selling hand made local crafts and products. The street are so beautiful and it reminds me of Greek.