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Let?s talk about make up ?Elf Cosmetics? was founded in 2014 and is a brand which makes luxurious, high quality beauty products for every skin types. The products are gluten-free. I love playing with Make up it really gives me happiness, it has the power to transform my face and let the whole world know who I?m. Make up makes you feel confident and the most beautiful and especially when it looks nice and natural. Several of the make up have made it into my everyday make up routine. Here?s a list of the make up on the pictures:

1. Hydrating fave primer: Here

2. Moisturizing Lipstick: Here

3. Lash Extending Mascara: Here

4. Lipstick Pink ? Raveshing Rose: Here

5. Baked Highlighter Moonlight Pearls: Here

6. Prism eyeshadow i Naked: Here

7. Beautifully Bare Finishing Powder: Here

Shop Elf Cosmetics: Here

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