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Ration World – Food bar

Sponsored by Ration World 

Are you asking yourself how to live a healthier life? Well, if you are then you have to know about “Ration World food bar which is completely natural and nutritious. Instead of you eat a bunch of unhealthy food after your work out or just in everyday life, you can eat simple and keep your hungriness away. Ration bar is an Snack that ensures you a good ration of fiber, grains and fatty. The ingredients are natural and based on Nordic dietary advice, satiety and good energy. Each ration bar contains max 200kcal. I had chosen the delicious smartbox with four food bar. The taste is Apple & Rhubarb Ginger, Mild & Chili Beetroot, Carrot & Lemon and Apple & Cinnamon. 

  • Buy the Smartbox: Here
  • Buy big boxes: Here

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