PearlWax – Painless Wax

Sponsored by  I tried PearlWax for the first time. This product is amazing and so easy to use. It works so good and effectively and your skin is smooth for weeks after. Wax not only remove hair its a physical exfoliation that remove lifeless surface skin cells. Your hair will take much longer to grow back than with shaving and when it grow back after waxing it grow back softer and sparser.The PearlWax is so painless, so you don’t have to be afraid or nervous to use it. Get 50% right now on and to get even more discount you can use the coupon code “nada5” to get 5% off.  Buy  yours: Here

Denmark’s Got Talent

Thank you so much Tv2 for having us as guests at the “Danmark har talent”. For you who don’t know what “Danmark har talent” is. It’s a danish talent contest, as America’s got talent. Where people can show of their talents. You don’t have to sing or dance to participate. You can showcase any talent. I had a pleasure being there with my sister and we enjoyed the show. There are so many talented people in Denmark. “Danmark har talent” will return this year. So stay tuned. 

The classic sixties style

Sponsored by  I love old fashion and the thing I love most is that the fashion from the sixties is still stylish today. It inspire me to style myself different in a fashionable way. I love to create my own distinct look. I had styled myself with my mom’s old Levi’s jeans and mixed it with the new Nike hoodie and sunglasses from Junkyard. It looks so great when you mix the 60’s and the 00’s together.  Get the look Levi’s black jeans: Here Nike Hoodie: Here sunglasses: Here

Australian bodycare

Sponsored by Australian bodycare  I love to try different bodycare products and especially oil products they are absolutely the best for the skin. I cant live without these products anymore, since I have been using them five to six times a week. If you haven’t heard about “Australian bodycare“, then the time is here. Australian bodycare is a brand which sale tea tree oil products, which works really well against problematic skin. They have several series including Face, Body, Hair and they also have “series package” to every skin or hair problem you struggle with. In this box there are products from skin, hair and body care. The products prevent and solve problems such as unclean skin, feces, dry scalp, ingrown hair...

CIFF-Spring/Summer 18

This is my second CIFF event this year. It had been so crazy to be there again and this time for the spring/summer collection 2018. I enjoyed meeting the clothing designers and talk with them about the brands. I had always been such a big fan of fashion, it’s like an extension of my personality. Fashion for me is very important and it gives a certain amount of freedom to people and allows them to be who they are. For me it gives me confidence and it creates me an image I want people to see from me. I’m looking forward for my third CIFF fashion show/event on February 2018.  Photoshoot by Jack Meyer ?

Ration World – Food bar

Sponsored by Ration World  Are you asking yourself how to live a healthier life? Well, if you are then you have to know about “Ration World food bar“ which is completely natural and nutritious. Instead of you eat a bunch of unhealthy food after your work out or just in everyday life, you can eat simple and keep your hungriness away. Ration bar is an Snack that ensures you a good ration of fiber, grains and fatty. The ingredients are natural and based on Nordic dietary advice, satiety and good energy. Each ration bar contains max 200kcal. I had chosen the delicious smartbox with four food bar. The taste is Apple & Rhubarb Ginger, Mild & Chili Beetroot, Carrot & Lemon...