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Since I had been talking so much about skin and hair at the moment. Here Im with another hair post for you guys to keep your hair healthy. I know that a lot of you have been using hair straightener brushes from different companies that didn’t worked as you expected and that is unfair that they let people pay a lot of money for something that doesn’t work. I had been testing this amazing hair straightener brush from leluna and it’s on a whole new level. I had been using the hair straightener brush to get my hair silky straight quickly in under than ten minutes. It also keep your hair healthy. I loved that you can straight and brush your hair at the same time. After one minute of warming it up you can begin to use it and it don’t burn your scalp as a hair straightener. Anyone who knows me know that my hair is curly and totally a mess and it takes forever to straight it, but this hair straightener brush from le Luna works on all hair types and you can straight you hair in under than 10 minutes. The thing that I’m most happy about is that I save a lot of time. It’s the fastest and easiest way to straight your hair. So if you are tired on spending hours straightening your hair, then I will recommend this hair straightener brush that will give you silky smooth hair in minutes. I know there are countless straighteners, and maybe you’ve already found the perfect straightener for flat hair, but you can not find a brush that warms up so fast, even up to one minute, and at the same time gives your hair a nice look after use. All you have to do is run the smooth brush from the scalp and all the way out into the hair, just repeat until you are satisfied.In the brush, a temperature display is also built, which allows you to adjust the brush to suit your hair type. For thicker hair, you can screw up to 210 degrees without damaging your hair as the brush is made with ceramic hotplates. Which makes the hair no harm, as with a plain straightener. Therefore, the hairs are spared more because the heat is distributed better, avoiding burned areas in the hair. Remember to dry your hair when you are going to use it. The hair must not be wet and btw it went super fast when I lit it and I started to straighten right away. It’s good to have with on a trip, especially when you need to hurry out of the door. You can read more about the brush on leluna. If you are looking after skin care products, hair products etc you can find all what you are searching for on their website too. 

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