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Marilou Bio – Skin care products

Sponsored by Marilou Bio 

As I had told you guys on my blog lately. I dare a lot with oily skin. So on this past month and still I have been using skin care products from Marilou bio to keep my skin beautiful and clean. The products has helped my skin a lot and I feel that my skin is so soft now. Marilou bio is a French brand that use natural ingredients in their products to create a great product to your skin. With Marilou bio they help you to take care of your skin. They use high quality ingredients. All the products are French certified organic.The products I got is a brand new series produced with havalues. It contain a daily Cream, night cream and a cleaning gel. 

If you live in Denmark you can now buy the products in Kvickly and SuperBrugsen stores. For you who live in Sweden, Norway and Iceland you can now buy the products in h&m how cool is that. 

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