Life in Istanbul 

For those who are interested to see more pictures from my vacation in Istanbul. Then here are tons of pictures to look at. This will be my final “summer vacation” post. I hope that you all enjoyed my posts.

Melissa – Organic skin and body Care

Sponsored by  I had been so happy to use my skin care products from while traveling. I had been using my daily cream and night cream the most, because the weather is hot and your face deserve to be fresh. As you guys know while you are traveling you don’t get to sleep as much as you used too. So to avoid the black circles under the eye it’s a good idea to use eye gel. Which I had been using a lot on this vacation and it helped me a lot. I was so sad that I forgot my daily cream at the hotel in Istanbul.If you guys didn’t heard about then it is a danish company which...

Black X Rose 

I would love to hear your opinion on what you want to see more from me? Everyone’s opinion matters to me and I would love to hear from you sweeties. Thank you being a part of my journey. We have been together in this for almost three years. I appreciate you all. Remember to leave a comment below of what you want to read and see more about. 

Eco Masters Smooth Brush

Sponsored by  Since I had been talking so much about skin and hair at the moment. Here Im with another hair post for you guys to keep your hair healthy. I know that a lot of you have been using hair straightener brushes from different companies that didn’t worked as you expected and that is unfair that they let people pay a lot of money for something that doesn’t work. I had been testing this amazing hair straightener brush from leluna and it’s on a whole new level. I had been using the hair straightener brush to get my hair silky straight quickly in under than ten minutes. It also keep your hair healthy. I loved that you can...

Mall of Istanbul

The largest shopping center in Turkey with more than 350 stores. I have never walked as much as I did. What I loved most about the brands are that there were cheap and expensive stores. There is also tag free benefits at shops. I loved the center a lot, there is spacious parking, many shops, restaurants, cafes and more. So if you want a day of shopping in Istanbul then the place is here. 

Solar Beach

The Solar beach was two hours drive from our hotel, so it was a little challenging to drive down to but the view was amazing.At the solar beach they give you a special bracelet and without it you are not allowed to be at the beach. There is a cafe with music, drinks and food, where you can sit and have fun.I had so much fun at the solar beach in Istanbul. We were there two times and attended the pool party which was pretty fun to be at. 

Ayasofya museum

There are so many important and amazing places to visit in Istanbul and one of them is the Ayasofya museum. 

Marilou Bio – Skin care products

Sponsored by Marilou Bio  As I had told you guys on my blog lately. I dare a lot with oily skin. So on this past month and still I have been using skin care products from Marilou bio to keep my skin beautiful and clean. The products has helped my skin a lot and I feel that my skin is so soft now. Marilou bio is a French brand that use natural ingredients in their products to create a great product to your skin. With Marilou bio they help you to take care of your skin. They use high quality ingredients. All the products are French certified organic.The products I got is a brand new series produced with havalues. It contain a...

Bosphorus Cruise Tour

We was walking by and then a man were selling ticket so we decided to jump on. You guys have to try the Bosphorus cruise tour. As a tourist in Turkey it’s a must do for a first timer in Istanbul. On this tour they show you a picturesque view of Istanbul city. The trip to Istanbul is not completed without going to the Bosphorus. It was an relaxing way to gather a new view of the city. The prices is also very cheap you pay 15 Tl which is 4,25 dollars and the boat ride for one and a half our. 

Team Munchbox

Sponsored by Team Munchbox If you can’t come to US then you have to bring the US to you. I was literally so happy for my American candy box from Teammunchbox. It’s so perfect for cheat day and what a good mix they had been chosen.  I’m so glad that we here in Denmark are able to taste the American candies. I sat down with my sisters and we ate the munch-box together and shared our opinion on each. We loved everything in the box. The cool thing is that the people behind munchbox combine a box every month with new specially selected American snacks.  You can now get a subscription on candy in a Box every month, it costs 199kr...