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Cheat day? Well anyone who work out knows about that. Today I’m giving you the perfect idea for cheat day. But first a little flashback. I was in America once and there was so many things to look at that I forgot to buy American candies. I actually thought that my first time eating candies will be next time I’m in America.
But I was so happy and lucky that ikiosk had been blessing me with candies. So now was the time to taste the American candies, Soda, cake, chocolate etc. I actually eat a lot of sugar and I don’t know why I’m that thin. Well, I guess that someone is lucky.If you doesn’t know about ikiosk it’s an online candy shop which sells candies from different countries to very cheap prices. I love that their prices are cheap, because they are giving everyone the chance to buy and taste the delicious snacks. In my box, I got Winks rainbow nerds, peanut butter cups, warheads extreme sour hard candy, Fanta berry, Mrs. Freshleys snowballs, M&Ms mint, hostess twinkies original, snickers peanut butter, Hersheys cookies Creme, Mike and Ike tropical typhoon and Cadbury crunchie. My little brother, his friends and I loved the candies. It’s important to make the little ones happy and I will give you all the chance too.

Use my discount code “nadadarwich” for 10% off, except shipping and the code is valid until 31 August 2017. 

I though it will be boring if I wrote a whole site about the candies I got. So my little brother wanted to do a video on his channel with his friends where they taste some of the candies and I loved the idea.

You can watch the video: Here

Buy American candies: Here

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