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CoolCoal – Teeth Whitening

Sponsored by CoolCoal

I love to try different teeth whitening, everything from gels, rinses, strips, trays to toothpaste. But as I had been trying different teeth whitening, I found out that the perfect teeth whitening is the one that is made of active coal from burned coconut shells. It’s so easy to use and you can see the results immediately.
If you are looking for a quick way to enhance your smile then you should try the coconut teeth whitening from CoolCoal. CoolCoal is a safe alternative to getting more white teeth with no side effects. This teeth whitening is made clean and natural. It contains no chemical substances and is made of pure Coconut shale and it rinse your teeth without damaging the enamel. It can be used by everyone young and old. It does not contain fluoride or other chemicals. I had been using it for a week now and I can already see a big difference. I know that my teeth aren’t that bad but it’s still nice to find an easy and natural way to keep your smile brighter.

It’s so easy to use:

  1. Deep the toothbrush with water in the powder.
  2. Brush your teeth for 2.min.
  3. Rinse your mouth and Toothbrush afterwards.

Buy yours: Here

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Ikiosk – American Candy

Sponsored by Ikiosk

Cheat day? Well anyone who work out knows about that. Today I’m giving you the perfect idea for cheat day. But first a little flashback. I was in America once and there was so many things to look at that I forgot to buy American candies. I actually thought that my first time eating candies will be next time I’m in America.
But I was so happy and lucky that ikiosk had been blessing me with candies. So now was the time to taste the American candies, Soda, cake, chocolate etc. I actually eat a lot of sugar and I don’t know why I’m that thin. Well, I guess that someone is lucky.If you doesn’t know about ikiosk it’s an online candy shop which sells candies from different countries to very cheap prices. I love that their prices are cheap, because they are giving everyone the chance to buy and taste the delicious snacks. In my box, I got Winks rainbow nerds, peanut butter cups, warheads extreme sour hard candy, Fanta berry, Mrs. Freshleys snowballs, M&Ms mint, hostess twinkies original, snickers peanut butter, Hersheys cookies Creme, Mike and Ike tropical typhoon and Cadbury crunchie. My little brother, his friends and I loved the candies. It’s important to make the little ones happy and I will give you all the chance too.

Use my discount code “nadadarwich” for 10% off, except shipping and the code is valid until 31 August 2017. 

I though it will be boring if I wrote a whole site about the candies I got. So my little brother wanted to do a video on his channel with his friends where they taste some of the candies and I loved the idea.

You can watch the video: Here

Buy American candies: Here

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A. Kjærbede

Sponsored by A. Kjærbede 

I love watches, classic beautiful watches. The only jewelry I wear is a watch. I’m not into earrings, bracelet, necklace etc. I love to try every single watch brand. The watches from A.kjærbede, are so elegant and simple that goes with every outfit you put on. 
I’m teaming up with A.kjærbede to give away a watch of your choice to one lucky winner. Stay tuned on my Instagram to see, when the giveaway starts. 

Buy the full collection Here 

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