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Sugar bear hair

Sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair 

I have put my hair through a lot over the past few years. And it’s time to change that. I got my hair cut and got all my dead ends taken out so I can grow up my hair healthy. And I’m so happy to announce that I have teamed up with Sugarbearhair
I just started my journey to grow up my hair with the help of these delicious gummies which I can take two each day. I got three bottles of gummies one for each month, a hairbrush and a blue hair elastic. Once I finish all the three bottles I will be doing a review of how these worked for me. 

Read more and buy them: Here

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  • Reply Emilie at

    I have been using them and they are just SO great! Thank you so much forsharing <3

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      Im so happy that you like them as much as I do and anytime <3

  • Reply Ferge at

    The best hair vitamin I have tried 🙂

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      So true! <3 Me either.

  • Reply Hailey at

    They taste way to good.

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at


  • Reply Bella at

    They look so yummy.

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      They are.

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