Frenzy magazine release party

I have been at frenzy magazine release party, which was a lots of fun. I took my sister with me. It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. They served us drinks, food and snacks. We got a frenzy goodie bag. They closed the doors at ten of clock and the party began. They started the event by opening a huge box with the magazines in it.  Then We got to hear a bunch of talented singers, Ericka Jane, Ivan Martinez, Katie Keller and Hooha.The whole night was a blast. Thank you for having us frenzy and congrats on you first magazine.

Photos by frenzy ?

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  • Reply Amanda Walker at

    Looks like you had much of fun. I enjoyed looking and reading this posts 🙂

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      I had a lot of fun there. And thanks for reading and enjoying my posts <3

  • Reply Russel at

    I enjoy every single post you put on your blog. Keep going <3

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      Thanks a lot <3

  • Reply Raida at

    I enjoyed the photos. I love this kind of blogposts 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      You’re welcome! And Im happy to hear that <3

  • Reply Samantha Eric at

    This kind of events looks so fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      Anytime <3 Glad that you enjoyed the post.

  • Reply Selena at

    The event looks great <3

    • Nada Darwich
      Reply Nada Darwich at

      It was great.

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