My personal webshop

Hello guys. It’s crazy to think about, that it’s almost a year ago I got to start my own webshop at zircles. For you guys who still doesn’t know. Zircles is a Danish new online concept that provides bloggers, YouTubers, reality starts and just normal interesting social media accounts to open their own webshop and sell products with big brands like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Chanel, Saint tropez, Kjær Copenhagen, Newline and much more to their network. You are also allowed to design your own personal webshop without necessarily having to have knowledge about technology accounting. I just updated my webshop with new brand and pictures of me with some of the clothes I sell. Check my webshop Here

Newline event

I’m back guys! There had been a mess going on on my blog. But they had fix it now. So I’m ready to blog again. Had missed you all. Last week I had been at the newline event with zircles. We started the day in zircles showroom at 11am, where newline showed us some of their brand new Urban Waterfront collection. After we saw and felt the collection. We draw outside where newline had made a guided jog around in Copenhagen’s streets. We ran and tried some little challenges along the way. At last the winners got a ” winner jacket ” and we got a newline look book.  The newline brand will be on my webshop this week. So stay tuned....