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February 2016


Photoshoot by Vita Korsgaard (2)

I did a photoshoot with my good friend Vita this Sunday. I wasn’t able to post the pictures, because of the little time I had.  We had fun doing this shoot despite the weather. The resultant are always perfect. So glad to see her career as a photographer growing each day. Can’t wait to our shoots this summer. Gonna be so powerful. Stay tuned.  

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Cph Fashion Week ( day 1 )

Hello babes. I had been so away from my blog this whole month. But I’m ready again.I was at Cph fashion week last week. It was my first fashion week ever. First fashion shows ever. I didn’t know a single person. But I still loved it so I really appreciate what I got to attend. I got to meet so many cool people.I had so much fun being behind the scenes and to see all the models gets ready to the catwalk. To meet professional designers and make up artists was a dream of mine. Just the fact, being on the catwalk samples and watch the models practice before they go catwalk in front a tons of people was a blast.Fashion week for bloggers isn’t just about going to shows. There are lot of events, lunches, parties and branded campaigns that go with this week of fashion.  I will post an overall fashion week post on my blog this week. Here are some pictures from the very first shows????If you want to see more. I uploaded a bonus video, from the tonsure show ??

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