Photoshoot fun with Vita Korsgaard

Hello everyone! Hope you all lovely people are doing very well. I started in school last week, so I haven’t had the time to blog as I used to.Last week I shooted again with this lovely girl, it’s my second time shooting with her and its always fun. And the pictures are always on top. We tried a mainstream look this time, to get different pictures. We’re are planning on doing another shoot together, and next time it will be a more classy look ( a dress 🙂 yearh me in a dress, this is gonna be much fun. So stay tuned babes. 

Photoshoot by Vita Korsgaard

This week I shooted with this talented girl Vita. We had so much fun shooting around and I’m so in love with the photos.  Want to do a photoshoot by her? Then dm her on Instagram Here  Can’t wait to do another photoshoot with her this year! More to come! Stay tuned.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica? Who doesn’t know this beach! Everyone who travel to LA go there. It’s the most important place to visit.  It was really awesome and fun! Loved it so much. We where there in six hours and had fun, we played around at the beach with Mexican people, it was so fun. And there was free wifi too, how cool is that. It was an amazing place to be at! Everyone should visit this place.      

Midnight walk

What I loved most about Los Angeles, was the midnight walks everyday! All the performances, the people everything there were so amazing, people never sleep and everyone are full of energy. It was like being in a whole new world. My dad took some photos of me and my sister.  You can take a look here ?