Universal studios ( part 2 )

hello everyone! As I promised you, here is more pictures from the time in universal studios 🙂 this one is only gonna be with photos. If you want to hear more about the experience, in universal studios that I haven’t been posting about, then send me a message and I will answer as soon as possible.  

Universal studios ( part 1 )

We travelled from Denmark to the other side of the world, to pursue our dreams. Universal studios was incredible, such a great and unreal experience.  Getting the chance to see where the most of the Movies were filmed and how they made them, and getting behind the scenes of hollywoods most popular and productive movies, was the most awesome experience. There was so much to see, so we were there in ten hours. My favorite part of the journey in universal was all the 3d rides, we where in the 3d ride of minions, transformers, the Simpsons, Jurassic park ride and King Kong. Everyone should visit the universal studios, you will have a lot of fun there. There will be a part...

Photoshoot by Emma skaalum

This month I did a photoshoot, with this talented girl. I saw her photos on Instagram of other models and I loved them, so I had to do a photoshoot with her.  To all my Danish followers if you want a photoshoot by her then contact her on her Facebook page Here and here are so some pictures, from the photoshoot we did together, I’m totally in love with the resultant.

Our drawing – LA

Hey everyone 🙂 here is another LA post of mine. Back in Los Angeles we walked at the walk of fame at midnight, then we spotted this talented man. We so him draw other people and all where standing up in line to get a drawing of themselves by him.  We stood in the line and waited for our turn to come. When it was my turn to be drawn, the people who walked at the walk of fame stood and told me ” wow that’s so weird this looks exactly like you, get excited to see it ” I was like really? Can’t wait to see it. I’m so happy for the resultant, I even look prettier.

EarPods – CleverDeal.dk

Sponsored by Cleverdeal.dk  Hey everyone! Sorry for being away from the blog in so long, but I’m here now with another post, I won’t be so away again. Today I got these awesome EarPods from Cleverdeal.dk they are super cool and the quality is so good.   I had been hearing music with none stop since I got them. If you want to get yours you can use my koupon code ” nada ” to get 20% off 🙂 you can use them on smartphones, tablets, laptops and more + you can get them in many different colors all from black to pink. And the good news is that they ship worldwide 🙂 Get yours Here    

Simple outfit

Thanks Hey guys 🙂 how are you? Hope you all are having fun in your vacation and enjoying the sunny weather. I’m here with a quick simple outfit post, for you who love to dress natural and classy. Hope you like this one. Get the look White shirt : Here Black pants : Here Bandana : Here