Make up by Mac

Hello guys. Sorry for being away from the blog, as I said before I had so much stress about my exams, but the good news is that I passed all my exams, so I have vacation from now, which means they will be many good things and more blog posts from now off. Here is another update from LA. We were walking at the walk of fame, then we spotted the Mac tent with music and many cool people. We stood up for a minute to look at it, then a young lady from Mac came over to us and asked us if she could do our make up, and we couldn’t say no, so they ended up doing our make up,...

Hollywood walk of fame

Our hotel was on the Hollywood walk of fame which was a blessing. The first time we went there we were so excited and the rest of the times we was like ” nah ” it’s merely just a long narrow street with stars on it. But it was good to see the names on the multitude stars. Like the one with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Robin Williams and the Beatles it was those who matters for us.  On the walk of fame street people dress like Mickey Mouse, Michael Jackson, Spider-Man and perform, they actually insist on taking a photo with you and then demand a tip ( how crazy is that )? As everyone knows The walk of fame...

Blue Street look

Hey guys. Thank you so much for your support, the comments I have gotten in the past few days, made my day much better.  I’m here with another look of mine, as you know I love shirts a lot, so my outfit has to be with it this time. I took my absolute favorite denim shirt with some black pants and completed the style with a dope black and blue jacket. I find the style even perfect with boot, so I decided to complete the whole style with the boot. Get the look Denim shirt : Here Black boot : Here Jacket : Deres Black pants : Here

At the Premiere of Empire

First of all, thank you so much Viaplay for the invitation. I invited my sister to go with me, so it was extra fun. It was my first time at a red carpet. Being at the premiere was fun, I used to see events like this on tv, Im really thankful for being the one who is here. Seeing all those Danish reality celebrities was so fun.We came at 7pm and took pictures at the red carpet. Later they opened the doors and people got in, they served us some snacks, drinks etc. we started talking with the people inside, they where all so sweet.At 8pm the doors was opened to the cinema we got in and got to see the...

Wear a hat

The weather was perfect because after a whole week of rain the sun finally decided to show up again. So I’m here totally enjoying the weather with my super cool hat and a simple outfit to it. Get the look, because this will be perfect on you: Hat : Here Cardigan : Here Boot : Dope      

Meeting with the pilot

My sister and I had always wanted to meet a pilot and just tell him how cool and strong we think he is. The stewardess took us to him, and he was so happy and so down to earth. I told him how much respect I have for him, and people as him. I had always seen the pilots as a very big thing and it’s right! This job is so hard. He has all the peoples souls in his hands. People like him are so brave. And the driving room was exactly like I had imagined it. Look at all the buttons?? I mean how can he control them all? So unreal! He is so professional, and you can hear...

Off to Los Angeles

The day I had been waiting for in so long finally came, LA had been such a dream for me, I had always wanted to visit this country. We arrived in Copenhagen airport 15 May and waited for the plane to come. The plane came after a long wait, we took our bags and was ready to arrive. The plane flied us to London and it was about two hours of flying time. When we arrived in London airport, they drove us in a bus to terminal 4 to our plane – (the American airways). We waited 4 hours, and then we took the plane to LA and it was about 11 hours of flying.