Outfit of today

I have had my eye on this cardigan the first time I saw it. After a long wait I finally ordered the cardigan. I loved to style it with my boyfriend jeans and the black boot. I hope you like this outfit and I’m looking forward to share my next outfit post. Have a nice day everyone. Get the look ??? Black Cardigan : Here Boyfriend jeans : Here Black boot : Here

LA – Poloraids

Hello guys. I’m here at the hotel in LA, we are about to eat dinner now. So here’s a quick update from today. Stay tuned on my blog for more LA posts. 

Denim outfit

Hey guys. It’s time to share with you some of my absolute favorite denim style. This pictures is taken last year I guess. I looked at my old pictures, and thought that this look is perfect, so I won’t want you guys to miss it.  Denim on denim, yes it’s simple as that. You can wear denim anywhere and anytime. Get the look Denim jacket : Here Boyfriend jeans: Here Grey top : Here

LA Update

Hey guys as you know I am in Los Angeles and life here is so good. I’m gonna move here for real, when I get married. LA had always been my dream country, and it was totally like I had imagined it. I finally got internet here, so I’m going be to posting a lot. Here are pictures from LA you can look at.

Try to make a difference

Forget yourself for a second and lend a helping hand. Many people are so selfish today, all they think about is themselves, maybe if you forget yourself a little bit and starting to help others you will feel better about yourself. Everyone are worrying about their own plans and are not interesting in helping the people who actually need it. Seeing people in Lebanon, who is totally tired but still don’t give up and trying to earn some money from small things to their family is the saddest thing. Why can’t people help them? There was children who tired so hard to sell some candies and gum. I bought all the candies and gum from them, but there was this diva lady,...

Orange outfit

First of all, I just want to thank you all for the wonderful support and comments I have got on my blog posts. Today the weather was so bad, raining all day but that couldn’t stop me from shooting outfits for you guys. Here you can see today’s outfit Strik Sweater : Intown workwear Pants : Here Heels : Here  

The food in Lebanon

What I loved most in Lebanon was absolutely the food. They actually have the best food ever. They serve the kind of food, that I like. I felt so fat, I just ate everything they putted on the tables. 

Photoshoot by Roodi Darwish

I have always been looking at Roodis amazing work on Instagram and Facebook. Sitting there and just looking at the amazing pictures he had been taking of models, actors and singers and getting some ideas to how to pose in my pictures. I felt so in love in the way he takes photos. So when I traveled to Lebanon, I had to ask if he could do a photoshoot with me, so I could post some professional pictures on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and just feel like a real model. And here we are, doing a photoshoot together. He is a professional photographer, who shoot with the biggest stars in Lebanon. So getting a photoshoot with his hand on, had been great. If any of my followers are...

Alyet Saida

Hey guys hope you all are doing very well. As I said this week it’s going to be a Lebanon week. There will be 5 posts. Enjoy the first post. Back in Lebanon we went to Saida, and visited a place called ( Alyet Saida ) It is such a beautiful place as you can see.  We paid 2500Ll to get in, which is about 2 dollars. It was really fun to visit this place, I haven’t visit this place since I was about 5 years old.  If one of my readers are planing a trip to Lebanon, you may visit this place it’s so cool, but be careful there is so many stairs, and I’m talking about high stairs.