Summer is almost here

It has finally started to feel a lot like summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been so ready to pull out all my summer outfits.I love the denim on denim look. I mean why not wearing double denim and bring this cool trend of the 80’s. I love the fact that we can wear denim with anything.

  • Denim jacket: Some vintage store in Cph.
  • Denim skirt: Here
  • Sunglasses: Here
  • Top: Here
  • Heels: Here

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Elf Cosmetics

Sponsored by Elf Cosmetic Nordic

Let’s talk about make up “Elf Cosmetics” was founded in 2014 and is a brand which makes luxurious, high quality beauty products for every skin types. The products are gluten-free. I love playing with Make up it really gives me happiness, it has the power to transform my face and let the whole world know who I’m. Make up makes you feel confident and the most beautiful and especially when it looks nice and natural. Several of the make up have made it into my everyday make up routine. Here’s a list of the make up on the pictures:

1. Hydrating fave primer: Here

2. Moisturizing Lipstick: Here

3. Lash Extending Mascara: Here

4. Lipstick Pink – Raveshing Rose: Here

5. Baked Highlighter Moonlight Pearls: Here

6. Prism eyeshadow i Naked: Here

7. Beautifully Bare Finishing Powder: Here

Shop Elf Cosmetics: Here

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Sanzi Beauty

Sponsored by Sanzi Beauty

The most important part of my face is my eyelashes and eyebrows, especially my eyelashes because it makes a huge difference to how I look. I’m glad that I never did that extensions thing and I’m so happy that I got to know about this eyelash serum from Sanzi Beauty. The question from you all will be “Is it possible to grow your eyelashes quickly and safely?” Here is what you need to use high quality product with high quality ingredients. Do you want provides longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes in a healthy and efficient manner? Then read below: I used Sanzi Beauty Eyelash serum over a four month period and I can confidently say that it helped my lashes grow longer. This is the first serum I had been using and is possibly the best product to get the best results for your eyelashes. How to use:

  1. Lean your eyelashes free of makeup so that the hair follicles can more easily absorb the serum.
  2. Apply the serum on the tip flap once a day.
  3. Repeat this once daily until the desired effect is achieved.

I hope that you all enjoyed this review. Check out Sanzi Beauty for more information.

You can buy Sanzi Beauty eyelash serum: Here

Use the discount code “Nada1” to get 15% off.

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Italy Roma

I had the best time in Rome, it’s my first time here and the country is incredibly amazing. The best way to explore Rome is by walkin, but it’s also good to use the bus and metro. The public system is not expensive and you can go everywhere in he city within very short time.You’ll find a lots of thing to enjoy on your way. The weather was really wonderful. So if you love architecture, history museum and great food then head to Rome.

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It will never stop snowing

It’s March and it’s still snowing? Most of us in Denmark begin to think of spring when March and April arrive. March and April in Copenhagen are actually the snowiest seasons of the year.Maybe we will have a endless winter where the snow never stops falling and we will always have to wear jackets and hoodies.I’m trying my best to stay stylish during the winter, because it’s really hard to rather look good or keeping yourself warm.I always end up in a sweater or hoodie, but actually you don’t have to dress like a queen just put out whatever makes you warm and comfortable.

Get the look

  • Sweater: Mango/Out of stock
  • Bag: Here
  • Jeans: Here
  • Hat: Here

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Boozt event

Thank you Radisson blu royal hotel and boozt for having me at this amazing event. I had so much fun and I loved looking and hearing about the Danish brands from the designers.I had a great night celebrating the fashion week with the most amazing bloggers and professional people.

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Ciff-Fall/Winter 18

Here I’m again, but this time at the Fall/Winter collection 18. This is actually my favorite time of the year. I love fashion and I’m such a big fan of fashion. I mean I always end up styling my sisters. Like if they have a shirt that they don’t know what it will suit with, then they always come to me. Maybe I should be a fashion designer, stylist or something. Thank you for having me CIFF and see you next season.

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Photoshoot by Abdi

I had so much fun shooting around with the talented photographer Abdi in the Copenhagen street, despite the weather. We were definitely freezing in this Danish weather. It’s so hard to take pictures in Denmark in this time of the year.If you want to see more of abdis work, then follow him on Instagram: Here

Photoshoot by Abdi 📸

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Dermaxir-cleansing skin treatment

Sponsored by Dermaxir

Do you want clean, nice and healthy skin? Then continue reading. Having clear and clean skin can help boost your confidence and makes you look great. The first thing people see when they talk to you is your face. That why taking care of your skin is a very important thing in life. As many of you may know, I had been struggling a lot with my skin. From pimples to oily skin. I deal with a lot of stress, because of the school, exams and personal things which makes my skin look tired and unhealthy. God I miss those days were i had no breakouts and no pimples. Oh and I forgot to mention the pores around my nose. I miss those days were a pimple was a miracle for me. I tried different products from different companies who worked a bit, but this “Dermaxir series” had been helping my skin a lot lately. 10 days ago I started my journey with the help of this skincare series to help my skin be better and softer. I haven’t been using make up in 10 days for better result. Of course the products don’t works overnight, but in the long run it minimizes the real impurities. This skincare series has really become a daily routine for me.The series I have been using contains all the dermaxir skin care products. Which is Daily face wash, moisturizing face gel, spot treatments, smoothening serum, and peel off face mask. The products don’t contain parfume.

The products had helped my skin a lot.

Read more and buy yours: Here

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