22. December 2016

Splay make up launch


Thank you splay for having me at the makeup launch. A big congratulations to the girls for launching their own makeup collection each. I enjoyed being there. I had such a pleasure to see and touch every makeup product you have designed.

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25. November 2016

Abbott & Mosley

New in

It’s the time of the year. The time we all have been waiting for! BLACK FRIDAY is here. Which means that you can get the perfect Abbott & Mosley watch to 25% off.

Abbott & Mosley is a Swedish brand which create watches with disks of pure Italien marble. 

I have been so lucky to get a discount code for you guys. Use the code “nada25” and get 25% off from all the items on the website + free shipping. 

Shop yours Here

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1. November 2016

Frenzy magazine release party


I have been at frenzy magazine release party, which was a lots of fun. I took my sister with me. It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. They served us drinks, food and snacks. We got a frenzy goodie bag. They closed the doors at ten of clock and the party began. They started the event by opening a huge box with the magazines in it.  Then We got to hear a bunch of talented singers, Ericka Jane, Ivan Martinez, Katie Keller and Hooha.The whole night was a blast. Thank you for having us frenzy and congrats on you first magazine.

Photos by frenzy 📸

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23. September 2016

Minus – Funda Dress

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Here I am in my lovely Funda dress from ( Minus ). The dress is so comfortable and has a beautiful floral print. I love to wear this dress especially for spring and summer.

You can now get it to 50% off. Get yours before it’s sold out.

Styling by Christina Gurewitsch

Photo take by Mille Stengård 📸

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22. August 2016

Grey all the way


Welcome back to the blog. So last time I posted a outfit post was back in November. Many of you asked if a could begin to post outfit posts again. And why not? So happy that my kind of style are inspiring so many of you and for that I will be posting outfit posts every week. I hope you all can be inspired by this look. I have a lot of outfits planned for the couple of weeks. I want to be more interactive with you all. Tell me which style you would love to see next. 

Get the look

  • Top: Gina Tricot 
  • Jeans: Here
  • Top: Gina Tricot 

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28. June 2016

Zircles welcoming event


Back in November. I went to the zircles welcome event in Copenhagen. Which was a lots of fun.The people behind zircles served us sandwiches and drinks. Then we talked about the new zircles office in Copenhagen. Which have a showroom, an office, studio and many more. We had a pleasure to see and touch all the cool items from the various brands. I’m so happy that I’m a partner of this concept and that I’m able to work with the coolest people.  

Photos taken by Zircles 📷

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17. June 2016

Photoshoot by Hans Garde


It’s almost graduation time in Denmark for many students. Everyone deserve a good portrait of themselves wearing their graduation hat. Or as we call it here in Denmark ( a student cap ).I did a photoshoot with the photographer Hans Garde last summer. So if you are from Denmark and want professional pictures of you wearing your student cap. Then contact Hans on Insta, Fb Or website:

  • Website: Here
  • Fb: Here
  • Instagram: hansgarde

If you want to see more graduation pictures of other students. Click Here

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7. June 2016

Toldbodgade LS Dress

New in

You can now get my jersey dress to 33% off from Kjær Copenhagen on my webshop: Here  The dress is made of thick jersey that gives a perfect fit. You can match the dress with sneakers for a casual look. So in love with this dress. It makes me look so classy.  

Photos by Mille Stengård 📷

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29. May 2016

Cph Fashion Week ( day 3 )


Hey everyone.I hope that you all are doing very well. I have a lot of free time this week. Which means that I will be able to blog more. So stay tuned.  As I promised you. I’m here with the last Cph fashion week post, which is number three. I know that I’m too late. But here it’s. And thank you for still following me. Here I had chosen some pictures from the very last show to show you 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 


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